Our Projects
B.L. Ward & Associates is a full service construction management and development company, which also serves as a general contractor.
Customer service is first, and because of that, it has become the life line to our existence. We believe in providing our clients with competitive pricing and in the timeliest manner. We pride ourselves in our attentiveness to detail and our personal commitment to the community because we know the assurances we offer Today, is our insurance for Tomorrow.

Our goal at B.L. Ward & Associates LLC is always to excite our clients and deliver reputable results.
"B.L. Ward painted my living room recently. I love it so much, I've got them coming back to paint the foyer soon. And after the holidays, the kitchen backsplash!" -Sandra Spratley
302.312.6051 questions@blwardassociates.com
We are a fully licensed and insured firm.